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A home, an investment, a journey, a dream...


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Buying a property, as an investment or to turn bricks and cement into a home, means you are booking passage toward a brighter, happier future. For the budding homemaker and the aspiring property mogul a mortgage (or home loan) is the quickest way to start that journey.


But for the average South African applicant the process of applying and being approved for a home loan can be daunting. Instead of excitement and joy the would-be home buyer often experiences stress and confusion.


Do you know if you can afford the home you want to buy? Do you know what all the clauses in an Offer to Purchase or Home Loan Agreement mean? Do you know what documents you need?  Do you really have the time or will to go into the bank yourself? 


Fortunately, De Mink Property Finance is here to assist you. For more than a decade we have submitted thousands of successful applications for people from all walks of life.


Using our years of knowledge and experience we eliminate our clients' stress and confusion and give them back the joy and excitement of their purchase.     

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